​​Mother Potter

Mother Potter

As long as I can remember, I have needed a creative outlet.  As a child, it was mainly drawing and writing.  As a teenager, in between school, sports, and work, I still made time to create things, like making jewelry and crocheting.  My senior year of high school I took a ceramics class and really enjoyed it, but my passion for it came much later.  Having and raising children is amazing and I love it very much, but about 7 years and 3 kids into it, I really felt the need to take some classes at our local community college to wake up my mind.  I was interested in art therapy and started taking art classes.  And that is when it happened.  I fell in love with pottery.  Every part and process of it.  I even love the smell of clay (potters will understand that statement).  There is something very satisfying about making a functional piece of art.   To have something beautiful and unique to use in your day to day life.  I have now had my hands in clay for 9 years and I am still always learning new ways to create with clay.